10 Father’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Dad

10 Fathers Day Gifts for Every Type of Dad

We have curated a list of 10 specialised gifts for every type of dad for Father’s Day.

From sporty dads to tech-obsessed dads who like to take care of their skin, we have selected the best gifts for Father’s Day to suit all your dad’s needs.

For Skin-Care Savvy Dads:

Skin Virtue’s Future Advanced Serumist $116 

Pamper Dad with good quality skin care … it’s definitely something he needs which he probably wouldn’t buy for himself. 

While men may not obsess over their skincare routine as much as women, maintaining healthy skin is important – and the key is consistency. Many men don’t like using a lot of products.

If that’s your Dad, we recommend Skin Virtue’s Future Advanced Serumist, which can be used easily and consistently on all skin types. It’s an anti-aging marvel, repairing ageing and dehydrated skin.

Natio Woodland Set $49.95

Give Dad the all-in-one pamper set, packed with skincare, body wash, shave gel and aftershave balm. In most cases, men prefer buying all-in-one products rather than purchasing individual items for their grooming. 

With the additive of an included toiletries bag, this product is great for the men in life who may also need to travel frequently and avoid the dreaded last-minute toiletries shop.

If your Dad is one of those people, then the Natio Woodland Set is an amazing, affordable and easily packaged gift for Father’s Day.

For Dads Who Love Fragrances (And Their Car):

Glasshouse Fragrances Car Diffuser $49.95

On this list of the 10 best Father’s Day gifts, we had to include the Glasshouse Fragrances Car Diffuser. Many men treat their cars like their pride and joy and enjoy upkeeping maintenance, making this a perfect gift.

With a variety of scents such as Lost in Amalfi and Kyoto In Bloom, colourway options of black and white and a scent longevity of 30 days per tablet, this long-term gift for Father’s Day is a top choice.

This gift can be personalised to your father figure by choosing specific colourways or scents to match their car and personality.

So, for those with motorheads as dads, look no further than the Glasshouse Fragrances Car Diffuser.

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio’ Eau De Toilette 100ml Gift Set $173

For those father figures who love fragrance and smelling amazing all the time, the Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio’ Eau De Toilette 100ml Gift Set is an amazing choice. With not only the 100ml of the Acqua Di Gio’ Eau De Toilette, this gift set includes an aftershave balm and deodorant in the same scent.

As many men love to have the same scent for all occasion types, this gift caters to every need. 

From the gym to date night to just an everyday scent, this gift set from Giorgio Armani is a top 10 gift in our books.

For the Entertaining Dad:

Ship Decanter Set RRP $79.99

Give dad the experience the luxury of a unique decanter which is perfect for dads who love to share their favourite brandy, whisky or scotch after dinner with friends and family.

This set will be a taking point in the kitchen, study, home bar or dining area.

It features a ship shaped decanter, that’s big enough to fit an entire standard bottle of spirits. Held in place on timber stand. Adding a touch of showmanship to your home bar and glassware.

For the Organised Dad:

Design Studio 3 Compartment Watch Box $69.95

For Father’s Day this year, give your father something that will keep his valuables safe. Our suggestion is the Design Studio 3 Compartment Watch Box.

Unlike many who keep jewellery boxes for necklaces, earrings and bracelets, it’s hard to find storage compartments that keep watches safe and stylish in a box. 

That’s why for those who have a father figure who loves his watches and even someone who has a collection, this gift is one that they would appreciate. With 3 compartments and a glass top, there’s plenty of storage with a viewing top to look at the watches.

Give Dad a gift that not only will he treasure but also use to keep his treasures safe.

For Dads Obsessed with Tech:

UE Boom 3 Speaker $229

Music for many is an escape and a happy place. People often resort to music to help with workout routines, doing chores or completing the daily work commute. But sometimes people just want to blare music and let loose. 

The UE Boom 3 Bluetooth speaker is great for music lovers on Father’s Day. With balanced 360-degree sound, dust and drop proof and deep bass, this speaker is perfect for any type of occasion. 

Apple Watch Series 8 $629

Gift Dad the ultimate smartwatch this Father’s Day with the Apple Watch Series 8.  Men are very on the go and like to have all-in-one products to use throughout the day.

Whether this be body care products or electronics, men love having everything at their fingertips to be more efficient and productive. 

With this in mind, the Apple Watch Series 8 is a great gift for Father’s Day because of its multi-use properties. With temperature sensors, always on retina display, blood oxygen measurer and Bluetooth. Gift Dad something that makes life easier for him this Father’s Day.

Sony WH-1000XM4 Head/Ear Phones $399

Spoil Dad this Father’s Day with amazing quality over-ear headphones. The Sony WH-1000XM4 over-ear headphones are a fantastic gift for this Father’s Day.

With smart listening, advanced noise cancelling and premium sound, these headphones are perfect for taking a break and unwinding. 

Many men in the current age love going to the gym, going for a run or commuting to work, thus a gift such as noise-cancelling headphones is a perfect gift for those Father figures in your life.

For the Chill Out Dads:

Hey Dad Relax Chill Gift Pack RRP $109

If dad prefers the quiet and just want more time to relax and chill at home. This is the perfect hamper to give for Father’s Day.

It features a luxurious charcoal Microblush Robe, A bottle of Shiraz by Growers Gate, honey coated popcorn, and some chocolate coated fruit and nut mix, all wrapped up in a very manly, beautiful gift box.

For the Fit Dad:

Bang Massage Gun $179

If your father figure is someone who loves working out or health in general, the Bang massage gun is the perfect gift. Many people who workout sometimes encounter muscle injury when training so a gift that offers quick, easy recovery from the luxury of the home is perfect.

With an intensity of 60lbs for muscle recovery and over 20 adjustable speeds, this gift for Father’s Day is a great option. The Bang Muscle Gun also comes with a free travel bag for fathers to keep in the car or take on the go when heading to the gym.

For Dads Who Love Sports:

Kayo Streaming Subscription $25 a month

Pamper Dad with the ultimate gift this Father’s Day with a Kayo streaming subscription. As we all know, many men if not all men love sports, so gifting a subscription package to one of the best sports streaming services in the country is a perfect gift for any sports lover. 

This affordable, no hassle and no-package gift is a great option. This gift can also be a last-minute gift if there are no ideas to be found.

For Sentimental Dads:

The Book Of Everyone RRP $54.99

This is the perfect last minute gift for dad, if you ran out of time and didn’t get a chance to hit the shops or order something in time online.

The Book of Everyone is a book completely personalised to dad (also great for birthdays as well), which is a book completely dedicated to dad.

You simply go online, fill out Dad’s name and birthday (hence why it works for birthdays as well), and the book is then generated with newspaper articles from when dad was born, and other great things, like bad dad jokes, anything you wish to have in the book, you select it, and it will be in the book. You get to curate the content of the book.

The best part is, they create and deliver the book within 48 hours of purchase.

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