Get Sexy For Summer With These 4 Home Exercises



Everyone wants to look sexy this summer – and it’s possible, all without even leaving home.


You too can get your bikini body happening with these simple exercises from Rachel Livingstone from The Health Hub.

The countdown is on. Make sure you – and your body, are ready for the sunshine – and your swimmers. Start these 4 exercises at home today, so you can make your debut with curves in all the right places.


For your warm up and essential huff and puff, nothing beats stairs. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in your house or unit block or a single Reebok step in the living room. Set yourself a goal such as 5-10 flights or 3-6×2 minute intervals.

Start simply by walking up and down. When you are ready to step it up you can run them. If you want to work harder but feel off balance going faster, slowly walk up every other step. Use your arms to engage your upper body and work harder.


The glutes are the biggest muscles in the body and the quads the second biggest. Muscles need calories to operate, so moving your legs more means burning the most calories as well as shaping your thighs and bootie.

Place one foot forward and one foot back. Bend both knees to 90 degrees and straighten again. Perform 3×20 on each leg. To increase the burn, step forward into the lunge and back to the start position, alternate legs for 3×40. If you have the space, walking lunges across the room are a great variation.

Push up & turn

With one exercise you can activate the pecs to perk up the girls, tone the triceps and work the core to pull in the waistline. Who hasn’t got time for that.

Start with your hands shoulder width apart on the kitchen bench or back of the couch. Perform one push up. Then lift one hand and turn your body to the side, so your arm extends to the ceiling. Perform another push up and turn to the other side, repeat for 3×20. To increase the intensity, place your hands on a lower surface – and finally the floor.

Cycle abs

In a worldwide survey, personal trainers, physios, coaches and other fitness professionals agreed this was the most efficient, total abdominal exercise – and you can do it at home with no equipment.

Lie on the floor on your back, hands behind your head. Bring one knee into your chest and extend the other out off the floor. Twist the upper body to bring your elbow towards the opposite knee, alternating for 3×30.

By Rachel Livingstone Personal Trainer & Owner of The Health Hub


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