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Holidays where you’ll come home fitter.

It’s never to late to learn something new, and even better if you can do it whilst on holiday. From meditation to diving, these are our top 5 picks of where to have an Asian break, keep fit and learn something new: Learn to Swim in Thailand: Thanyapura Australia is surrounded by water but if like […]

Luxe Health & Wellness Holidays

Why should a holiday be an excuse to put on weight? At Crete’s Port Elounda Resort, the focus is on having a spectacular holiday without the weight gain. From yoga-detox programs to preventative medicine, it’s all there. The Porto Elounda Resort is one of the most beautiful places to holiday in the world. Crystal clear […]

How do they keep fit in that blistering Singapore heat?

A recent trip to Singapore got us thinking about how to work out in humid conditions. Here are some tips from Bondi Beauty for your next stop-over when travelling and how to cope with the searing heat and still work out. Summer in Bondi is hot, but life in Singapore is intensely hot and humid. […]

Wifi in national parks – what do you think?

Do you want to be able to post to social media from remote locations? A debate is raging over whether social media should move in on nature – in order to bring it to the world and inspire would-be travellers. There’s talk of wifi hot spots in national parks, at the top of mountains and […]

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