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20 Deep Questions To Ask Your Partner Ft. Flex Mami

Put your relationship to the test with Flex Mami’s self-development and critical thinking game – REFLEX. Whether you are fresh into the honeymoon phase or years and years into a happy, healthy relationship, it is never a bad idea to take some designated time out and try and get to know your partner a little […]

Why Your Boss Should Give You Time Off To Care For Your Pet

Pawternity is the new paid leave being added into employment contracts-here’s why it’s so important.  Melbourne based animal behaviourist Laura Vissaritis helps people understand their animals. After working for many years at a zoo with a range of animals, Vissaritis now helps domestic pet owners understand their pet’s behaviours.  She says that when pet owners […]

10 Dating App Pick-Up Lines That Actually Work

In an era where meeting people in person is temporarily over (thanks, coronavirus) more and more people are turning online to meet potential partners. Anyone who’s been on a dating app knows the routine all too well. Swipe right, match, send/receive a message, have a short conversation before it slowly dies out and you never […]

How Is Your Attachment Style Affecting Your Relationship?

Each of us has an attachment style and once you work out yours, you can improve your relationships. According to psychologists, the foundation of every adult relationship we build (platonic or romantic) is based on the attachment style we developed from our parents as a child.  The attachment theory was first established in the 1960s […]

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