Category: Nutrition

Is a Calorie Deficit Actually a Good Idea For Weight Loss?

The 500 per day calorie deficit may not be the answer to long term weight loss after all.

How to Read a Nutrition Label

Whether you’ve just gone keto or you want to do the checks and balances for your diet, reading a nutrition label is an essential life skill. Located on the back of every box and wrapper that you’ve ever consumed from, the humble nutrition label, also known as a nutrition information panel, contains a wealth of […]

Noom For Weightloss: Does it Really Work?

It is touted as the trendiest way to lose weight, but does it work? We put Noom to the test.

How to Ensure Your Nut Butter is Actually Healthy

There are smoke and mirrors when it comes to so-called healthy food, including nut butters. Nut butter is a great low carb source of protein, fats, fibre and various important vitamins and minerals. But not all nut butters are healthy. Many commercial nut spreads on supermarkets shelves are full of harmful additives outweighing any of […]

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