Day to Night Makeup: How to Take Your Day Makeup to Next Level Glam

how to shift your makeup from day to night

This is how you get from work meetings to drinks with these quick and easy day to night makeup tips.

Sydney-based freelance makeup artist Michal Horry explains how to shift day makeup, to next level glam for cocktails with the girls.

Just because you may not have the time to rewash your face and redo your glam from scratch doesn’t mean you cant amp it up and still look your best.

The first and essential tip is to revive is your base. If you’ve been sitting in foundation all day the last thing we want to do is layer more foundation on in order to avoid a cake like patchy base.

Instead use a concealer a shade or two lighter than your skin tone to brighten the under eye and conceal any redness or blemishes that may be peeking through. An essential tool to help freshen up the base is to use a beauty blender or damp sponge to dab the product into the skin to achieve a seamless blend.

To help control any excess oils and shines from the day, try using a finely milled translucent powder in the areas needed to help further freshen the base. The ‘Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder’ is so lightweight and finely milled it boasts light-reflecting particles to blur away the look of any imperfections, as well as it also has actual diamond powder in the mix to give you a super subtle and flawless amount of shimmer.

Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder is affordable luxe, and incredibly light weight to wear over foundation.

Next step is to add some life and colour back into your cheeks. Adding bronzer will help define and add dimension back into your face and since it’s going into night time you can go heavier with the contour and blush. A tip I love for on the go glam is to take my lipstick and dab some onto the apples of my cheek and blend it up into my temples for a seamless finish. Adding some highlight to the high points of the cheekbones will instantly add some depth and drama to your look.

Chances are your every day eye makeup is probably very neutral. Instead of wiping it off and starting from scratch, a simple way to add drama to the eyes is too take a brown pencil liner and line the the top lash line and slightly bring the pencil into the crease, doesn’t need to be neat the messier the better.

Take any smudge brush and smoke out the lash line into the crease to achieve a sultry smokey eye with minimal effort, continue on the lower lash line. Take any brown shadow or even a bronzer and further blend out the liner and bring the bronzer into the crease to tie all the colours together for a smooth blend. Take some highlighter or any shimmer colour and add it to the centre of the lid and the inner corner tear duct to add some shimmer to the smokiness.

When it comes to mascara you want to avoid layering. This is generally a recipe for clumping. Instead, revive dull eyelashes by brushing through them with a clean mascara wand. To add some drama, hit up your eyelash extension supplies and put on a pair of lashes to really add that night time feel to the look.

Perfect way to take a look from day to night is to liven up the lips.

A moisturising lip balm during the day will do wonders when wanting to go bold for the lips at night. Daytime is best to play it safe with a nude shade, but night time is the perfect time to rock a bold red lip. I love to use a bit of concealer on the lips for a fresh base and even colour, this helps the lipstick shade come out brighter and truer to the colour.

Lining your lips first before applying lipstick, will help prevent the colour from bleeding out onto the skin.

Line your lips with a sharpened red lip pencil a shade or two darker than the lipstick, and apply your favourite red lippy with a precise lip brush for flawless application. My all time favourite classic red lipstick is MAC ‘Ruby Woo’ it works beautifully on all complexions. Another stunning long lasting red is Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint in ‘Uncensored’. The formula is incredibly thin and it can easily be reapplied without cracking or getting flaky and thick.

Comb through those brows, add some setting spray and your good to go! As you can see, you don’t need to start from scratch to create your perfect night out look. Keeping it minimal and flawless as always.

Michal Horry

Michal is a freelance makeup artist from Sydney with a strong passion for makeup and skincare. Her main focus as a makeup artist is to enhance her client's natural beauty and highlight individuality. There are no rules to makeup and her approach is to keep it simple and flawlessly you.

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