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Virtual Reality Meditation: Could this be the answer to de-stressing?

The World Health Organization is now classing stress as the “Health Epidemic of the 21st century”, but could technology actually be the solution? Digital detoxes, step aside. Strap on the VR headset and be transported to a trickling waterfall, in complete isolation, with no distractions– it’s time to meditate in the most modern way possible. […]

5 Free Meditation Apps to Boost Your Zen

We all get caught up in our own heads; overthinking, over-exaggerating the bad stuff and stressing on the small stuff. So, we found five amazing FREE meditation apps which can easily slot into a hectic lifestyle and leave you feeling that little bit lighter. Grab your phone, put on a meditation and take a moment […]

Yoga for Lunch Anyone? New Yoga Studio Opens Up in Sydney

Yoga is the best way to spend your lunch hour, and a new yoga bar called YogaBar has just opened in the city. Whether you’re looking to uplift your morning before work, find your Zen at lunch or burn off stress in the afternoon, YogaBar is the place to get out of the office and […]