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There’s a New Device Called Sunscreenr, Which Helps Prevent Sunburn

This new device helps you to monitor the sunscreen levels on your skin, which shows you whether you have missed any spots, or you need to re-apply. Sunscreenr is a small, easy to carry UV camera device. You take a photo of yourself through the UV lens of the Sunscreenr camera, and this picture will […]

Have You Had a Skin Spot Check Done?

This summer you should have a spot check done. If you don’t know what a spot check is, it’s when you get all your freckles, moles and any other weird spots on your skin, checked to make sure none of them are cancerous. According to new research conducted by leading life insurer TAL, 71 per […]

Sun Addicts – Harvard explain why we can’t get enough

Ever wondered why tanning feels so good and why you feel so calm and relaxed afterwards? A recent Harvard University study has shown that sunbathing actually releases “feel-good” hormones. So you don’t need to worry about sun tanning right now – unless you’re in the northern hemisphere escaping the Australian winter, but in the past, […]