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Shock study shows less than 6 coffee’s a day isn’t bad for your heart

Want to know what the threshold is before coffee become dangerous and too much? A new study has shocked health experts. Who doesn’t love a good coffee or 5 a day? A study conducted by the University of South Australia found that drinking more than 6 cups a day increased the risk of heart disease […]

Science Says: Do men prefer a hot face or body in women?

Which is more attractive to a man; face or body? As much as women would like to believe personality is the only deciding factor for men when choosing a partner, it can’t be denied that physical attractiveness also plays a large part. Appearance is the first thing people see when meeting, so it makes sense […]

Male Birth Control Is Here, and It’s Inspired by Cocktails

Male Birth Control Is Here, and It’s Inspired by Cocktails Previously, birth control has been largely left up to the responsibility of women, and from the pill, intrauterine device (IUD), and female condoms, there’s no shortage of different options. And for men, with a restricted amount of ways for them to stop getting a woman […]

The Secret to Happy Travelling

We’ve discovered the secret to happy travelling. Believe it or not, some nations are perceived to be happier than others, and if you travel there for your summer holiday, the happiness could rub off. It’s holiday season, except there’s one problem: You have no idea where to travel. We’re here to help. A study by […]

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