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5 Reasons You May Be Over-Eating

Over-Eating can have a lot less to do with food, and a lot more to do with distractions: 1. Your diet is too restrictive Diets which exclude food groups in unrealistic ways can set yourself up for over-eating later. Cutting calories and skipping meals can spur binge eating and lead to unhealthy habits. American nutritionist, […]

Can’t get out of bed? 8 ways to make your mornings easier

Eight ways to get out of bed, master productivity in the mornings and make your days more productive. Plan ahead Don’t kick yourself in the morning when you realise you’ve left planning your day to the last minute. Instead, prep a to-do list and decide what you’ll be wearing the night before to save time […]

Stephanie Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw share their top five fitness tips

Stephanie Claire Smith, 23 and Laura Henshaw, 24 created an online lifestyle program called Keep It Cleaner, aimed to help young girls maintain a healthy lifestyle. Being in the public eye, the two girls have felt the pressure to stay thin and have struggled with low self-esteem. Smith has recently spoken about her battle with […]

5 Simple Ways To Avoid Getting Sick This Winter

Tiffiny Hall shares five simple tips to avoid getting sick this winter. I said brr, it’s cold in here. And out there. It seems there is no escape from a dribbly nose and some shivers as we scuttle around, head deep in a scarf and beanie. It’s the time of year where we embrace layers, […]

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