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Feet First: Why Barefoot Running Is Taking Off

Is running barefoot just another fad for obsessive caveman and cavewoman wannabes or is there something we can all benefit from by tossing aside our running shoes? By Chiropractor Dr Billy Chow Have you noticed anything different these days at your local running events? Take a quick look around when you’re next lining up at the […]

How to choose the right shoe for your fitness:

Whether your fitness routine involves hitting the gym, running a marathon, going to a Pilates class or simply going for a walk, you need to choose the right shoe. Here’s how: Different shoe designs support the foot and ankle in different ways to enable maximum comfort and minimise chances of injury. Here are some top […]

Pound the Pavement: What to look for in a running shoe

How to select the right running shoes for you. By Fashion Contributor Narissa Moeller It’s the New Year and you probably have plenty of New Year resolutions that involve changes to your fitness and health regime. To achieve the best results, you need to have the best gym gear for your style and your body, […]