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The Best 3 Workouts to Boost Your Brain Function

These are the 3 best ways to exercise when your brain needs a boost. Exercise is not only the best way to be in great physical shape, but is also a fantastic addition to your routine when it comes to mental health and brain function. While all forms of exercise are good for cognitive health, […]

How to Deal with Life’s Hurdles Better

Pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice if you can manage to control your mind. In today’s world, life challenges and therefore pain are a reality for all of us. Sometimes the challenges are small and sometimes they are monumental, but how we deal with them can affect how much we suffer, and working […]

Food Therapy? It’s the new black

Food therapy? Yes, it’s a new type of therapy. You look at food, yes, every single thing you are eating, and boom, there are your issues. Sounds odd I know, but a session with Perth based expert, Doctor Katherine Iscoe and a subsequent week of keeping a food diary helps you gain a deeper understanding […]