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How to Burn Off Those Extra Christmas Calories

This simple at-home workout will help you burn off those extra party kilos in no time. Women’s New Years resolutions commonly include goals to get back in shape and work off those extra party calories.  Exercise & Sport Scientist, Stephanie King, shares her simple home workout for getting back into training, developing strong and toned muscles […]

Red Means Go (At Least For Lips).

Nothing rivals the strength, glamour and power of a red lip, especially in Autumn 2014. Don’t be afraid of a red lip. It’s getting the tones right for your complexion that makes it work. Here are five that will stay fast and match your complexion:  The red shade works with: Pale skin, dark hair: L’Oreal Infallible […]

Tap into your inner goddess and change your life.

Inside every modern day woman lives a beautiful, strong and radiant goddess – and if you tap into her, you could just change your life. Depending on the time of the day of the week  or month, or even  the conversation you just had with your boss – you may forget that inside you there […]