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Make the Switch to Alternative, Sustainable Period Products

These are the sustainable, alternative period products on the market. Because it’s time to make the switch to eco-friendly menstruation. A simple fact: pads and tampons are bad for the environment. The average woman will use around 10, 000 disposable menstrual products in their lifetime, according to choice.com. These products not only cost up to […]

Let’s Get Digital – Apps to Track Your Period

Tracking your period is important, and technology is making it easy. Ladies, we need to understand our menstrual cycle and all the mood swings, physical symptoms and chocolate cravings that go along with it. Changes in women’s menstrual cycle is often the first sign something is amiss with our health; whether we’re just really stressed […]

Do you feel better about periods after watching this?

Here’s the tampon advertisement attempting to break down the taboos of periods.     They’re a part of our lives,  and effect the people around us ( namely our partners). Not withstanding the multitude of advancements in the world, talking about periods are still taboo for so many, and in so many situations. Surely it’s time for […]