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We Trialled The Latest Reusable Period Products

Sustainable period products: good for the environment, better for your wallet – it seems like they’re just an all round good thing to invest in. But, the concept of washable, reusable period products can seem kind of intimidating and off-putting. So, Bondi Beauty trialled 3 revolutionary products so that we could tell you what we thought. […]

Training with your period

Training when you’ve got your period shouldn’t be a problem. Women’s experience of the menstruation cycle varies greatly, with some sailing through their monthlies and others doubled up with cramps, reaching for Naprogesic and washing them down with ice-cream – and tears. If you’re unlucky and drew the short straw, there are ways to work […]

My period does WHAT? Four things you may not know about your period

Periods are a part of every woman’s life, but there is still so much we don’t know, or understand. Bondi Beauty talks to celebrity doctor and GP Ginni Mansberg about four things your period does to your body and what we can do about them. Periods may cause low iron What many people may not […]