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6 Supplements to Transform Your Health, From The Inside Out

From protein powders to vitamins we’ve tracked down the latest supplements which help to boost your health. We all know a good night’s sleep, plenty of exercise, water and a healthy diet can give you overall good health. And in a perfect world, we probably wouldn’t need supplements. But, when life gets busy, and you […]

How healthy are you? New Health Tracker will tell you instantly.

A new health tracker will measure your vitamins and minerals in minutes. Imagine being able to measure the vitamins and minerals in your body instantly with absolute accuracy anywhere, anytime. Well, now it’s possible. Your Fitbit will tell you how may steps you have made, but the new Vitastiq will tell you exactly what shape […]

These foods are in fact superfoods?

You are probably eating superfoods without even knowing it. With the help of strategic superfood marketing, the world has gone kale, quinoa and acai crazy. Whilst you’ve been struggling to find (and pronounce the names of) these highly priced, sought-after superfoods, you’ve probably been eating superfoods unknowingly. A lot of our every day groceries can contain the […]