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The Positive Health Change I’m Making During Lockdown

With Australia’s lockdown comes a lot of extra time to think and revaluate your life and your goals. At a time when health and wellbeing are paramount here’s what the Bondi Beauty team are doing to benefit their body and soul. JOURNALING Tara says: I’ve always been into journaling and have kept a diary ever […]

Lola Berry’s Top 10 Mental Health Tips for Staying Sane in Isolation

Aussie Nutritionist, Yogi and Health Blogger Lola Berry shares her best mental health tips for staying positive and productive in isolation.

How To Manage Anxiety

What exactly can you do about anxiety when it’s rearing its ugly head and taking control of the reigns? Anxiety can be incredibly scary, and crippling but it’s also very common – step one is knowing you’re not alone, and that you can get back to feeling better. We spoke to Dr Kieran Kennedy, for […]