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Is Almond Milk Killing The Planet?

Just one almond requires four litres of water to be produced, but what are the environmental consequences? Is almond milk killing the planet? In previous years, the only non-dairy alternative to cows’ milk was soy. Now, as if the cow’s udder has run dry (it hasn’t), there are more dairy-free options available than ever before […]

Drowning in Plastic: How the Beauty Industry is Contributing to the World’s Plastic Crisis

If the beauty industry doesn’t adopt sustainable practices soon, we, and marine life, could be soon drowning in plastic. These days, one can be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t use a KeepCup, doesn’t recycle or doesn’t cut down on plastic in some way. The world has firmly turned its attention to environmentally sustainable […]

Real Talk: We Need to Do More Than Just Recycle to Prevent Climate Change

Climate change is real, and it’s time we stop denying it. Ask most people, and their version of trying to prevent an environmental apocalypse is probably recycling, which apparently makes them the most environmentally-friendly hippies ever. But a recent study suggests we need to do more. We’ve uncovered four high-impact actions mentioned in a new […]