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Cream that heats your skin before bed?

Alpha Keri’s new heat-activating slimming and firming serum could be the answer to your cellulite – and help you ditch the electric blanket. We thought we’d seen it all in terms of products that REALLY give cellulite the boot, but this amazing new serum heralds a new era in slimming beauty products. Gorgeous Sam Frost is […]

How do they keep fit in that blistering Singapore heat?

A recent trip to Singapore got us thinking about how to work out in humid conditions. Here are some tips from Bondi Beauty for your next stop-over when travelling and how to cope with the searing heat and still work out. Summer in Bondi is hot, but life in Singapore is intensely hot and humid. […]

A hot workout is a good workout no matter what the season.

Working out in the heat has a multitude of benefits, whether it’s hot or cold outside, so brace yourself for some serious sweat. This summer forget air-conditioned workouts. The heat is getting turned up in your regular fitness classes. Ever used ‘it’s too hot’ as an excuse to not exercise? Heat is the new fashionable […]