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The Best Sunny Wellness Getaways to Escape Winter

With the days now shorter and the temp now colder, it’s time to escape the cold and jet off to a sunny wellness getaway. When looking for a holiday inspiration, we’re all searching for the perfect place to relax. Boost your health and fitness in spectacular destinations as Health and Fitness Travel, the wellness holiday […]

The best health retreat for you

The most fundamental changes happen on the inside, and a detox retreat is the best way to kick off the new year. There are so many health retreats to choose from around the world, find the best health retreat for you. These wellness and health retreats across the globe offer a variety of extensive programs. […]

There’s a New Breed of Health Retreats

There’s a misconception most health retreats are all strict regimes of healthy food and exercise, no coffee or alcohol and early morning wake up calls. Mention ‘health retreat’ to most people and they’d run the other way. But there’s a new breed of health havens offering relaxation, and an escape from the every-day without the […]

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