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Activated Charcoal Cures Hangovers? You Bet.

Activated Charcoal Cures Hangovers? You Bet. Activated charcoal offers many great health benefits, ranging from hangover cures to glowing skin. Activated charcoal is acquired by heating charcoal made from coal, wood, peat or coconuts in some case, until it develops thousands of microscopic pores on its surface. These tiny pores create a sponge like consistency […]

8 Tips for Creating A ‘No Makeup” Natural Makeup Look

8 tips for creating a “no makeup” natural makeup look. In theory, creating a natural makeup look should be easier than going full glam. But often the skin is left looking cakey and over the top, and therefore not natural. For the best natural makeup look, follow these tips and trick below. It’s All About […]

Natural Beauty secrets of Isabel Lucas

Australian Actress and environmentalist Isabel Lucas is the embodiment of natural beauty. From naturally glowing skin to fully groomed brows and bright lips, Lucas always sports a fresh natural look to be envied by all. This is how she masters the natural beauty look. Whether she is residing in her LA home, or back in […]