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Struggling to Stick to Your Workout Plans? This is the Best Way to Get Fit and Stay Fit

Sydney fitness expert Lizzie B shares her tips on the best way to get fit and stay fit. It is difficult to set fitness goals that are both realistic and that get results. All too often, new plans to get fit and lose weight are cast aside after a matter of weeks, as it becomes […]

Killer Workout To Achieve The Butt Of Your Dreams

Achieve the butt you’ve always dreamed of with these butt workouts. Your gluteals are the biggest muscle in your body. Activating your glutes burns the most calories, helping you stay trimmer from head to toe. Squats and lunges are great bootie shaping exercises. Consciously squeeze your butt muscles as you straighten your legs on every […]

11 Inspirational Ways Fitness Really Does Pay Off

You are working out hard and eating healthily. But the number on the bathroom scales just doesn’t seem to reflect your efforts? Women too often look at the scales to tell them how they are doing with their health, fitness and body shape goals. But, the number on the scales isn’t the only benefit from […]

Is Your PT The One? Here are 7 Signs You Know You’ve Found The One

Your personal trainer can make or break your fitness success. Here’s how to choose the right trainer for you; Use our checklist to ensure you get the right personal trainer for you and the best experience for your investment. Location Make it easy on yourself and avoid travel time. Focus your search on suburbs nearest […]

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