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A Gluten Free Recipe to Die For – Lime and Coconut Cake.

Calling all gluten free girls. This Lime and Coconut Island cake is a great treat to bake at home and share with your friends. Rowie from Rowie’s Cakes shares with us her delicious gluten free recipe proving that naughty treats can still have a little bit of those nice healthy benefits. Rowie’s Cakes is a […]

A Sugar-free, Clean Cupcake Recipe for Halloween

It is possible to have a clean Halloween and not fill the family with sugar with these delicious clean eating Halloween cupcakes. Instead of overloading the kids (or yourself) with high sugar, processed treats, filled with unhealthy ingredients, you can make your own. Throw a horrific Halloween party, where you and your guests can make […]

A chai latte has a host of health benefits

This delicious drink is consumed every 2 seconds somewhere in Australia, but few know of the many amazing health benefits of chai. Chai latte is the ultimate comforting, warm and delicious drink coming into winter. The delicious, sweet and creamy drink has become highly popular in our society of great café culture. Chai latte is a spiced […]

Passionfruit and its multiple health benefits.

Passionfruit is grown commercially from northern New South Wales up the eastern seaboard to far North Queensland. It’s passionfruit season and it has amazing health benefits and can be used in a variety of ways. Passionate about Hair and Skin Passionfruit seed oil is super beneficial to use on hair and skin. Being high in […]

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