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Virtual Cycling within a spin class?

Virtual cycling at Scenic Cycle, within a 45 minute spin class could be just the thing for you. Located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, Scenic Cycle is a state of the art cycle studio that combines innovative technology with basic training principles to give you a killer yet enjoyable cycle session. Founder Tom Sproats, […]

Get on Your Bike & Help Aussie Kids

Getting on your bike can help kids in need for The Variety Cycle. Ever wanted to put those cycling skills to good use? Well, what better way than to get fit whilst fundraising for this year’s Variety Cycle charity event. Now in its third year, The Variety Cycle is organised by Variety – The Children’s […]

How & Why Soul Cycle Beats Spin hands down – literally

It’s the US fitness trend you cannot miss. If you haven’t heard of Soul Cycle, you’ve been living under a rock or are not into fitness!  It’s a high energy cycling class that is spiritual, fun, fast and burns calories. The question everyone asks is what is the difference between Soul Cycle and Spin. Bondi […]

My period does WHAT? Four things you may not know about your period

Periods are a part of every woman’s life, but there is still so much we don’t know, or understand. Bondi Beauty talks to celebrity doctor and GP Ginni Mansberg about four things your period does to your body and what we can do about them. Periods may cause low iron What many people may not […]