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Coconut water. Why you should give it another go.

Here are five reasons to consider adding coconut water to your workout routine. 1) It’s all natural.
 Not a fan of artificial sports drinks, but water isn’t quite doing it for you? Coconut water is an all-natural alternative. Sometimes referred to as Mother Nature’s sports drink, coconut water is refreshingly hydrating, without any nasty artificial […]

The perfect post-workout treat

A creative post-workout shake Looking for an after gym treat? A protein shake is great but having the same thing everyday can get a little tedious. Shake things up with this easy-to-do recipe and still get all the protein and nutritional benefits you would from a shake . INGREDIENTS • 2 x ¼ cup Coconut […]

Coconut Water: Fab or Fad?

Coconut water has been called everything from Mother Nature’s sports drink to liquid gold. Experts weigh in about the truth of this so-called miracle product. Many companies claim coconut water will help you lose weight, slow down the ageing process, lower your blood pressure, lower your cholesterol and even cure a hangover. According to accredited […]