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Coconut water. Why you should give it another go.

Here are five reasons to consider adding coconut water to your workout routine. 1) It’s all natural.
 Not a fan of artificial sports drinks, but water isn’t quite doing it for you? Coconut water is an all-natural alternative. Sometimes referred to as Mother Nature’s sports drink, coconut water is refreshingly hydrating, without any nasty artificial […]

The perfect post-workout treat

A creative post-workout shake Looking for an after gym treat? A protein shake is great but having the same thing everyday can get a little tedious. Shake things up with this easy-to-do recipe and still get all the protein and nutritional benefits you would from a shake . INGREDIENTS • 2 x ¼ cup Coconut […]

Coconut Water: Fab or Fad?

Coconut water has been called everything from Mother Nature’s sports drink to liquid gold. Experts weigh in about the truth of this so-called miracle product. Many companies claim coconut water will help you lose weight, slow down the ageing process, lower your blood pressure, lower your cholesterol and even cure a hangover. According to accredited […]

The Low Down on Coconut from water to oil – is it as good as they say?

  From health conscious yogis to supermodels, it seems just about everyone is consuming coconut in some form. From the water to the oil, coconut is the latest proclaimed super food to take the wellness world by storm. But what are the health benefits of coconut and is it really all that it’s cracked up […]