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Tiffiny Hall; The Superfoods of 2018

Move over kale, quinoa and coconut water, there are new superfoods on the block. There are some new cool kids in town, and while they may sound a little on the whacky side, they’re chockers full of powerful nutritional benefits and exotic tastes. Plus who would have thought 10 years ago we would be stirring […]

Tabata: The Fastest Way to Lose Weight?

Tabata style is the latest workout trend that is guaranteed to help you lose weight. Founder of TIFFXO, an online health and fitness program, and former Biggest Loser coach Tiffiny Hall shares her Tabata-style workout. Tabata is a protocol of training, where you work out for 20 seconds at 80% of your max and then […]

Biggest Loser Controversy.

Biggest loser contestant Rachel Frederickson must feel like she can never make people happy. The 24 year old lost a dramatic 70kg during the US Biggest Loser Series. At the conclusion of season 15 of America’s The Biggest Loser, 24 year old Rachel Frederickson stepped onto the stage to reveal her 70kg weight loss. Frederickson’s […]