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8 Easy Tips for Healthy Teeth

Staying on top of your oral hygiene is easier than you probably think. With these 8 easy tips for healthy teeth, you’ll be keeping your mouth healthy and happy. 1. Change Your Toothbrush Regularly Your toothbrush is exposed to bacteria every single day as it cleans your teeth, so it only makes sense that the bristles […]

11 Inspirational Ways Fitness Really Does Pay Off

You are working out hard and eating healthily. But the number on the bathroom scales just doesn’t seem to reflect your efforts? Women too often look at the scales to tell them how they are doing with their health, fitness and body shape goals. But, the number on the scales isn’t the only benefit from […]

Want to look young and have better sex? Get fit.

Need a healthy 2018 kick-start? Here are ten reasons you can’t say no to fitness including better sex and looking younger. You will burn calories all day long – exercise burns calories whilst you are working out and builds muscles that burn calories even post-fitness when you are chilling out. . Stop the clock & look […]