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How To Move In With Your Family And Make It Work

It’s time to get to know your new housemates. When Katy Perry sung ‘Teenage Dream’, I’m fairly sure she wasn’t taking about living with her parents in Santa Barbara. While it may not be ideal, you can still move in with your family and make it work. COVID-19 has put strains on the economy, financially […]

Tips and Tricks for Dealing with a Complicated Family this Christmas

Christmas is often tagged as the “Happiest Time of the Year,” but for some, that simply isn’t the case. Navigating Christmas in the midst of a toxic or volatile family dynamic can be extremely difficult. When family isn’t a source of comfort and joy during the holiday season, Christmas quickly goes from a time of […]

Easy Christmas Gift Ideas For Last Minute Shoppers

No matter what your budget is this Christmas, these last-minute gift ideas are guaranteed to secure you a spot on your family and friend’s nice list. There are two types of people in the world. Those who do their Christmas shopping early and those who race around the shops the week of, scrambling to find […]

How To Throw The Most Festive Zoom Christmas Party

Welcome to the new normal, where for some people this Christmas can only be celebrated VIA a screen.  Zoom – the holy grail of social gatherings at a time where physical contact is so last year.  The video conference platform brought together businesses, organisations, families and friends through (free) easy video and audio access.  Due […]

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