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From the Editor: What I know about dating

If there is one topic women seem to love talking about, it’s men, and it’s dating. I’m not saying women don’t talk about hundreds of other intellectually simulating topics, but the one we keep going back to is men. Having been single a lot of years, there are some insider secrets I have learnt. I […]

3 Best Strategies to Sleep Better and Stress Less

Bondi Beauty Talks to sleep specialist and certified psychologist Olivia Arezzolo about how to reduce stress through better sleep. Olivia Arezzolo is a Sydney-based sleep psychologist who has spent 8 years training in psychology, sleep and nutritional medicine. Bondi Beauty spoke to Olivia about how to reduce stress through improving sleep. Here are Olivia’s top […]

Fix Your Finances: With Effie Zahos

“It is never too early or late to fix your finances.” Effie gives us the financial tips every female needs. Effie Zahos is a Sydney based, financial commentator, the editor of ‘Money Magazine’ for 20 years and author of her new book ‘ ‘A Real Girl’s Guide To Money:From Converse to Louboutins’. Effie spoke to […]

6 Free Apps that will change your life overnight

The average screen time for Australians over 18 is a whopping 9.4 hours a day according to a study conducted by Sydney’s Lonergan Research in 2017. In the last decade, the emergence of social media has contributed to this statistic, taking people further away from the real world. Any meditation guru will say staying mindful […]

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