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What are the worst shoes for your feet?

One of the biggest issues with shoes is the repetitive strain they can put on our feet, which intern effects our bodies. Sydney’s  Kate McArthur-Jones, Mister Minit’s resident podiatrist, and owner of City Feet Clinic talks to Bondi Beauty about the damage we do to our feet via the shoes we wear: What style of […]

Flower Power – The power of Australian bush flower essences and Bach flower remedies

Ever noticed those glass bottled flower essences in your local chemist? Australian bush flower essences and Bach flower remedies have been used to treat a number of conditions. These natural remedies have been used to treat addiction, anxiety, fear, depression, stress, intolerance, lack of compassion and other generally negative emotions and feelings. All 69 Australian […]

More winter beauty tips to look hot now.

A girl can never have enough beauty tips in winter. Here are some quick updates for lips, nails, and hair. 1) Manicured nails & hands There’s nothing better than a beautifully manicured pair of hands, with freshly painted nails. In winter when so much of your body is covered up, hands and nails need to […]

Sun Addicts – Harvard explain why we can’t get enough

Ever wondered why tanning feels so good and why you feel so calm and relaxed afterwards? A recent Harvard University study has shown that sunbathing actually releases “feel-good” hormones. So you don’t need to worry about sun tanning right now – unless you’re in the northern hemisphere escaping the Australian winter, but in the past, […]

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