5 Amazing Fragrances For Spring



From wandering through fields of flowers to sipping on spring cocktails by the beach, some leading fragrance brands have created some exciting new fragrances for Spring.

Here are five fragrances we are obsessed with right now:

Molton Brown London Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel $88

Think secluded beach in Greece, this fresh new scent by Molton Brown is the perfect fragrance for holidaying in. Designed for men, we think this fragrance is gorgeous for women as well.

The scent is soft and light, mixed with earthy cedarwood and musk and refreshed with a modern twist of bergamot and fig, making it an easy scent to be carried by either male or female.

Elizabeth & James Nirvana Amethyst $85

This is a mature scent, and best used for an evening out. The indulgent fragrance leaves behind a trail of intrigue, as it’s been infused with refined tobacco, honeysuckle and cedar. Perfect for a warm spring evening of cocktails, this scent will leave a seductive trail of mystery and enchantment to anyone who crosses your path.

From left to right: The Body Shop, Molton Brown, Nirvana and Derek Lam.

The Body Shop White Musk L’Eau $60

Walking through a spring garden of white roses is the best way to describe this scent. Made with jasmine, lily of the valley and rose essence, this fragrance is soft and feminine leaving behind a trail of fresh and fruity spring freshness wherever you go.

With added pear and musk, this would be the perfect scent to rock at during the day

Derek Lam 10 Crosby 2am Kiss $

This scent is exactly how it sounds, romantic spring dinner with a hot date, followed by a smouldering kiss for dessert. Warm and spicy, this fragrance has been mixed with salty caramel and crystallised amber, which is irresistible, slightly intoxicating (in a good way) and absolutely addictive to the senses.

IME Natural Perfume Kleio (elegant) $69.95

Unlike traditional fragrances which are often made with ingredients like chemical based alcohols and phthalates, IME Natural Perfume has been beautifully blended with natural ingredients like essential oils and chemical free alcohol. Kleio (elegant) is a passionate fragrance of soft woods and oriental flavours, with a touch of gentle spice.

IME is new to the world of fragrances, they are 100% natural, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, toxin free and Australian made and owned.

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