Harriot Walker


Harriet Walker is an Accredited Dietitian and Sports Dietitian, a self-confessed health and fitness nerd, and a certified bad-ass in the gym. Having completed a Bachelor Degree in Human Nutrition, Master’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, plus Certificate III and IV Personal Training qualifications, Harriet has also competed as a figure competitor and fitness model as well as in power-lifting, Cross fit and Surf boat rowing completing the gruelling 200 km George Bass Marathon twice. In recent years she has even taken up strong man (lady) competitions, competing at a national level.

Eat Right for Your Exercise

Don’t know the right foods to eat when exercising? Here’s a guide on what you should eat according to your exercise. Whether it be for yoga, HIIT, weights or running, these are the best foods to eat for different exercises. When we can make the connection between how we move our body and how we […]

Get Your Fitness Back on Track with Food

If you’re struggling to get back into your daily fitness routine in the new year, try getting your fitness back on track with food Oh the new year. A time of excitement for what the year may hold intertwined with a dash of lament as we head back to work to face email inbox anxiety […]