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8 Easy Tips for Healthy Teeth

Staying on top of your oral hygiene is easier than you probably think. With these 8 easy tips for healthy teeth, you’ll be keeping your mouth healthy and happy. 1. Change Your Toothbrush Regularly Your toothbrush is exposed to bacteria every single day as it cleans your teeth, so it only makes sense that the bristles […]

Should You Still Drink Coffee If You Want To Lose Weight?

Is it time to make the ultimate sacrifice and cut the caffeine? It may be what you’re drinking rather than eating that’s making you put on weight.Enjoy your favourite drinks in moderation or they could hinder your body shape and training goals. Juice: Juice can be full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. However, not all […]

Sugar-free products make you fat?

Artificial sweeteners may be just as bad, if not worse than real sugar, a new study has revealed. A groundbreaking study released by The University of Sydney suggests consuming artificial sweeteners actually makes you feel hungry and therefore eat more. The study shows the effects artificial sweeteners have on the brain receptors, are far more […]

Ditch the sugar, not the cake. Sugar free sweets.

You can still enjoy a sweet hit, without the sugar. Sugar-free cake recipes. Bondi Beauty talks to sugar-free pioneer Carolyn Hartz. While we recognise the benefits of cutting sugar out of our diets, the biggest problem we’ve had at Bondi Beauty is actually removing sugary treats from our lives. Who doesn’t love a slice of […]