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Fibre-rich recipe: quinoa & fig salad with lemon dressing

Looking for a fresh new take on fibre? Look no further, Bondi nutritionist Shane Landon shares his high fibre salad recipe with Bondi Beauty. Fibre is an essential part of every diet – it helps keep your system ‘regular’ and getting plenty of fibre  every day will help combat weight gain. My recent report on […]

The 3 types of fibre you need

There are 3 different types of fibre, and they help the body in different ways. Nutritionist Shane Landon speaks to Bondi Beauty about fibre. The three different types of fibre are soluble fibre, insoluble fibre and resistant starch fibre. This means that to capture all the benefits of fibre, you actually need to be consuming […]

8 easy ways to increase your fibre intake.

A fibre-rich diet can help improve your immunity, combat obesity, prevent cancer and diabetes, lower your risk of heart disease and boost your digestive health. Fibre is a crucial ingredient in a healthy diet, but many people don’t know its full benefits or where it comes from. Bondi Beauty nutritionist Shane Landon helps fill in […]