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These foods are in fact superfoods?

You are probably eating superfoods without even knowing it. With the help of strategic superfood marketing, the world has gone kale, quinoa and acai crazy. Whilst you’ve been struggling to find (and pronounce the names of) these highly priced, sought-after superfoods, you’ve probably been eating superfoods unknowingly. A lot of our every day groceries can contain the […]

Fibre-rich recipe: quinoa & fig salad with lemon dressing

Looking for a fresh new take on fibre? Look no further, Bondi nutritionist Shane Landon shares his high fibre salad recipe with Bondi Beauty. Fibre is an essential part of every diet – it helps keep your system ‘regular’ and getting plenty of fibre  every day will help combat weight gain. My recent report on […]

10 fat fighting foods – a 60 second reminder of what you should be eating.

Incorporate these 10 foods into your daily diet for a fat-fighting boost. Blueberries: These juicy berries are low in sugar and packed with antioxidants. They’re a great snack for a 3 pm pick-me-up, and an easy addition to your breakfast smoothie. Chilli: Proven to speed up your metabolism whilst adding a delicious kick to your meal. […]