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Fitness Hacks to Get Out of the Post-Iso Fitness Rut

From massage guns, to fitness apps and pre workouts, try these simple hacks to getting your fitness back on track. The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed almost every habitual routine that society knows. In particular, gyms and fitness routines have been hit significantly hard.  Many continue to adjust to the new reality of home-workouts, or if […]

10 Ways To Snack Smarter

The founders of the Keep It Cleaner program, models and besties Stephanie Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw share their top tips on how to snack smarter.  When it comes to snacks, they can help energise you or undo all of your good work. And sometimes once you start snacking, it can be really hard to […]

Are you losing more weight than you think?

The scales aren’t going down, but you feel like you are losing weight. Are you losing more weight than you think? Here are 5 easy ways to track your progress when the scales aren’t moving. Take pictures Your diet has been on point and your exercise routine has been consistent but the scale won’t move, […]