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James Packer – an unlikely leader in love

If only more single men could be like James Packer. Over the last two decades, 48 year old James Packer has been somewhat unlucky in love – but it looks like the tide has turned for the billionaire Bondi boy, and it’s all of his own making. James Packer’s personal life has been raked over […]

Why H&M in Australia is not good news

Is it me, or is globalisation ruining our shopping fun? Years ago, and not that many years, it was so exciting to go just about anywhere outside Australia as everything was so different. From food to culture, there were new experiences and adventures at every turn. Ok, so the adventures are still there to be […]

Am I the only one who hates trying on swimsuits?

Sometimes I wonder if I am the only person in the world who hates trying on new swimsuits. I have spent the last few days on the Gold Coast, and what does a girl do in her down time on the GC? Shop for swims suits, of course. There are an inordinate number of swimsuit […]

How volunteering changed my perspective on Sydney.

I never thought that helping cook someone else’s dinner – someone homeless, could profoundly effect me. Being a single mum, I am cooking dinner and doing things for others (so to speak) most nights of the week, but stepping outside of my comfort zone and onto the streets of Darlinghurst to cook for around 100 […]

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