Reviews: Sydney’s hottest boutique fitness clubs



Boutique fitness studios are the hottest thing in fitness right now globally and the best are starting in Sydney.

We bring you in-depth reviews of the very latest, and tell you what you will get for your money- and your body.


F45 action shot
F45 Action shot

The F45 craze has grown exponentially since its inception in 2004, (you can read the story about the fir5st F45 in Paddington here).

The business is now in 33 Countries growing immensely worldwide as an effective and quick HIIT workout alternative (Studies show HIIT is the most efficient way to workout, click here for more information) . Recently, F45 has been valued at 450 million dollars and has 1300 studios worldwide.

With almost every suburb in Sydney now having a franchised F45 in its vicinity there is no wonder why the training group has become a well-known fitness figure in the community. Although, with classes growing in numbers it is beginning to become overpopulated as some would say. As much as it is a hard and effective workout option the prices are becoming significantly larger than other gyms available on the market. You can read more about F45 here.


  • Training is for 45 minutes
  • Group training makes you work harder
  • Results are good, most have relatively fast results after attending 4-5 days a week
  • It is a very social training program with lots of events outside of the workouts
  • They have a nutrition program you can also tap into
  • They will monitor your progress with weigh-ins and fat test regularly


  • Not always suitable to everybody type/age as there is high intensity movements
  • You have to have a strong level of fitness to even get through a class
  • Expensive
  • Many people complain of injuries


  • Free trials available (time depending on the franchise)
  • Per week $60- $65 (with exception to some promotions and membership discounts at different F45 studios)

Visit F45 online and book a free trial today!

Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory fitness
Orangetheory Fitness 60 minute circuit

Orange Fitness has been the fastest growing Boutique Fitness Club in America for some years. It is a franchise based in Florida. The concept is sciencebased group personal training fitness classes that last 60 minutes.

And the fitness is all based on your heart rate. Members wear heart monitors throughout the class and watch their heart rate go up and down in a screen. The idea is to reach the orange zone, hence the name.

Training is high intensity interval workouts with both cardiovascular and strength training.


  • The heart rate monitored training concept is fun and makes the time go faster
  • Results happen quickly
  • Classes boost your energy quickly
  • Class times are flexible with some studios starting at 5.15


  • Every Class is a full 60 minutes unlike many other gyms with 45 minute sessions
  • It is expensive
  • It is very tiring and hard to keep up 3-4 classes a week long term
  • Every class uses a treadmill – which some love and some hate


  • Trials are offered at $59 for two weeks throughout the year
  • $24.50 for one session a week
  • $54.50 unlimited per week
  • Packs: 10-$290.00

Visit Orangetheory fitness today to book in a trial.


12RND action shot
Four different workouts on the 12RND circuit

12RND was established by Tim West in 2016 and is predicted to be the next big thing in circuit training. Currently there are eight studios in Sydney.

Essentially, the concept of 12RND is a circuit workout that incorporates weights, cardio machines and boxing taping in the anaerobic and aerobic systems. The circuit workout lasts three-minutes on each interval followed by a one-minute rest, similarly to the F45 concept of working intensely for the entirety of the workout.

The main difference to F45 is the addition of boxing to the workouts as it adds a bit of diversity to the weights and cardio workouts for those that are regulars at other gyms.

It is reasonably priced with the business constantly having promos such as 28 days for $28 for new clients, it is an affordable yet effective workout that sees rapid weightless results.


  • Incorporates boxing at all levels, beginner, medium and advanced
  • Workouts change from morning to night every single day so always diverse
  • Hit workouts for 3 minutes on each round so keeps the body stimulated
  • No set class times so can join in at any time in the trading hours available


  • Somewhat, lack of showing exercises constantly must ask trainer what to do
  • Can get a little overwhelming if there are 12 people doing workouts at the exact same time as it is a small venue.


  • One free trial available
  • $36 a week for unlimited sessions
  • 6 weeks for $364 including meal plans, scans and unlimited training sessions

Visit 12RND online today to register for a free trial or 6 week challenge.

Beat Body

Beat body fitness with trainer
Beat Body fitness trainer @roxxxv

Beat Body is a 45 minute workout session conceptualised in Sydney, said to be the new F45 (read more about in this article). The workout takes place in a room that feels much like a night club – dark with flashing lights and uplifting loud music. Sessions focus on either Beat – floor workouts Boxing or Body – equipment.

The positives are that time flies very fast, and 45 minutes is a good amount of time to get the heart rate up, have a great workout and not destroy yourself.

Occasionally classes include a run around the block, so every sessions is different. Click here for more info from our previous piece on Beauty Body.


  • The Music is stimulating and makes sessions fun
  • The concept changes daily, making 3-4 classes a week very easy
  • Class sizes are relatively small, around 20 people max


  • The workouts are great but not as full-on as some of the other gyms, depends what you want
  • Session times are not yet flexible enough, the first class is at 6:30am weekdays
  • It can be hard to keep the rhythm of the body to the beat, making it difficult to keep up


  • There are a range of deals for 2-3 week trials that are super cheap
  • 10 classes for $280 but there are promo deals that pop up
  • Unlimited classes per week for $55


KXpilates reformer movement
Olivia Arezzolo attending a KXpilates class

For a more relaxing yet whole body, burning workout KXpilates is an option. There are currently three studios in Sydney. The business was started in 2010 by Aaron Smith with a networth of $20 Million Aud in 2018.

Essentially, KXpilates is a variation of reformerpilates that uses a loaded spring bench to engage the muscles and core whilst burning other parts of the body.

It is a nice gentle break from F45 and 12RND as it is a calmer environment and not at all as high in intensity or HIIT, so acts as a nice form of exercise if you are after a relaxing workout.


  • Low impact workout good for in between high intensity training
  • Strengthens pelvic muscles and general core
  • Relaxing whilst also working many body parts


  • You will still have to do high intensity workouts as well
  • Quiet an expensive experience


  • Intro offer 5 classes for $50*
  • Single class $30
  • Monthly passes vary between $160-$260 (head to KXpilates to see prices)

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