Sugar Substitutes you can lean on to curb your cravings.

 From natural “chemical” substitutes to fruit and powders, there are alternatives you can use to kick the habit and curb your sugar cravings.

sugar substitutes
There may not be hundreds and thousands of sugar alternatives, but there are at least 10.

There has been so much press about kicking sugar out of your diet, but for most it’s easier said than done.

One of the biggest challenges is artificial sweeteners are not the answer. Various studies, including Dr Joseph Mercola’s study on artificial sweeteners, have shown that artificial sweeteners can cause detrimental health effects such as high blood pressure, migraines, dizziness and weight gain.

We’ve picked 10 completely natural substitutes for sugar which are easily located and more importantly, feed your body with minerals and vitamins it needs.


Cinnamon is a tasty and interesting alternative to sugar with major health benefits. Cinnamon aids in pain relief, weight loss and is an amazing antioxidant due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Try a little sprinkle (or as much as you like) in your morning tea or coffee.

 Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

Did you know, one tiny teaspoon of this wonder powder contains 3 to 9 times the daily-recommended intake of magnesium, iron and zinc. Just add a cup of hot water to your teaspoon of powder and enjoy.


These little berries are perfect to add to cakes, muffins and even cookies instead of sugar. As well as being a great antioxidant, cranberries can lower the risk of cancer, high blood pressure and increase immune function.

 Pureed Banana

Instead of adding sugar to your next loaf of banana bread, puree some extra ripe bananas. The riper the fruit, the sweeter it becomes. Bananas are also a great source of serotonin, the happy hormone.

 Tea Leaves

Substitute your sugary mixer with some soda water. Add ice and tealeaves with vodka, tequila or rum and stir.  You will be surprised; the tealeaves will add a nice twist whilst remaining completely sugar free. Try pomegranate and green tea leaves.

 Soda Water

Instead of drinking a full cup of juice, add a little juice and fill the rest of your cup with soda water. Soda water is great way to drink water if you are not a big fan of flat water, and an excellent way to eventually eliminate sugary juices from your diet.


A cup of sugar substituted for a cup of applesauce in your next batch of cookies will eliminate unnecessary calories. If you are short of time you can purchase sugar-free applesauce from your local supermarket, otherwise, make your own from scratch.

 Yacon Syrup

With the texture and appearance of honey, this sweet molasses-like syrup contains just half the calories of raw cane sugar. Derived from the yacon plant and with a hint of apple, yacon syrup is perfect for cooking and sweetening up smoothies.

Sucanat Sugar

Sucanat is the rawest form of sugar cane out. It looks like brown sugar but is packed with goodness including potassium, vitamin A and C, calcium, magnesium and iron. It is a great ingredient to use for cooking or to add to your cup of tea, but be mindful to use sucanat sugar in moderation.


Erythritol is a plant derived alcohol sugar, found in most fruits and added to most “sugar-free” foods. It tastes the same as sugar and contains just 0.2 calories per gram. With only 6% of the calories of sugar and 70% of the sweetness, this sugar substitute is winning the hearts of women everywhere.

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