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Leather, the new gym wear basic?

Gone are the days of wearing your exercise gear solely at the gym, now it’s trendy to wear it to coffee, the shops, and even the office. As a result, fitness brands are getting creative. Canadian label, Lululemon Athletica has taken fitness fashion another step forward by designing a yoga clothing range to wear to […]

Ballet inspired workouts and what they can do for you

Ballet inspired workouts – are they positive for your body or just a fad? By Rachel Livingstone Personal Trainer The long lean muscles and graceful bodies of ballet dancers have long been admired and envied. Our love affair with ballerinas stepped up a notch when Natalie Portman danced across our screens in Black Swan. Since […]

Pump It Like P!nk – here’s how she gets that hot bod.

Want fab abs like P!nk? Read on for how she gets that hot bod. P!nk may be a rock star with rock-hard abs, but she works hard for them. She’s not one of those celebrities that keep insisting they don’t go to the gym and eat whenever they want – she’s refreshingly real about the […]

Bondi’s PT Blake Worrall-Thompson

Personal trainers… we all want one, but can’t necessarily afford one. That’s why we picked the brain of one of Australia’s most sought after PT’s on behalf of all our Bondi Beauty readers. Blake Worrall-Thompson spoke to Bondi Beauty’s Narissa Moeller:  Best known for his TV role on Eat Yourself Sexy, Blake is a regular […]

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