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7 ways to ramp up your workout.

Seven ways to inject new life in your fitness right now.     1) Warm up – If you don’t warm up properly or at all then start. Gradually wake up your heart and lungs so you get your blood pumping around the body before you do an intense part cardio workout. Warm up your […]

Morning workouts could be more beneficial than you think.

Evidence shows that morning work-outs deliver a premium of benefits. A morning workout jump-starts our metabolism and sees a more effective calorie burn. Bondi Beauty spoke to  Jason T Smith, Physiotherapist, and founder of Back In Motion Health Group about the benefits of morning workouts. A morning work-out improves mental clarity and can regulate your […]

Xtend Barre – a feminine kind of workout. We road-test it here.

Xtend Barre. It’s the latest workout craze to hit our shores. Celebrities are raving about it, and so are we.  Xtend Barre is the workout taking Australian women, and the rest of the globe, by storm. After the release of Black Swan, featuring Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman, ballet as a fitness regime was thrust into […]

Gretel Scarlett on how to look hot on stage and off.

Ever wanted the long, lean and toned body of a dancer? Bondi Beauty talks to Gretel Scarlett, who stars as Sandy in the musical production Grease, about how she keeps in shape and stays on top of her fitness. Forget swimming laps and running kilometres, the backstage and rehearsal process of a musical production is […]

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