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Don’t be intimidated – work out in peace, and choose your fitness carefully.

Gym intimidation can be stressful, but there are loads of other choices.  Bondi Beauty spoke to Jason Smith,  founder of Back In Motion Health Group, for some tips on enjoying your fitness and working out in peace.  The gym isn’t for everyone, and intimidation or fear of what other people think of you may be your […]

Fitness Secrets to maximise your workout benefits.

These fitness secrets can quickly help you maximise the benefits of your workout. There are tricks to every trade, and fitness is no exception. Whether you are a  beginner or an expert, some simple new tips will help you maximize your workout benefits. Yoga Tradies secret: wriggle your toes During yoga’s more challenging positions we […]

What to wear when working out.

Everyone can get anxious about what to wear when working out, especially when starting a new sport. Bondi Beauty asks Sydney stylist Nikki Phillips for her tips. 1)    What are the priorities for looking good when working out? Firstly, I workout to tone my body and keep fit and healthy, looking good whilst doing that […]


Piloxing – Is this the exercise to kick start your fitness campaign? Piloxing is a new form of hybrid exercise  gaining popularity in the States and making its way to our shores. It’s called Piloxing and combines the best of Pilates, boxing, and dance moves in a highly energetic interval workout. Celebrities including Kelly Osbourne, […]

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