Why Buying New Activewear Makes You Feel More Motivated In The Gym

Don’t feel guilty for buying new activewear, there is scientific evidence to prove it’s necessary.

Do you have buyer’s remorse after spending money on new workout gear? Stop right there because research shows that dressing for success doesn’t only apply to the professional world but also applies to health and fitness.

Enclothed Cognition is the term coined to describe how we feel when we wear certain clothing items or accessories. 

It has been found that the clothes we wear have the ability to affect our psychological processes, subconsciously changing our attitudes.

Therefore, when we wear cute workout gear, we are more inclined to be active whilst also feeling more confident in your abilities.

The modern cliché of retail therapy may not be a cliché at all with shopping proven to improve our mood. When we consider buying something new, our brain anticipates a reward and releases endorphins and dopamine. 

This chemical response to our budget breaking habits is known as shoppers high. This high improves our mood and so, buying new workout gear makes our brains feel positive about the experience. 

New workout clothes and accessories may also give you a one up on the woman next to you lifting 10kg heavier. She may not know it but she’s the competition, and this new gear makes doing 50 push-ups to compete with her easy. 

There are more practical and plausible benefits to buying new gym gear which can have a positive effect on our overall motivation to work out. 

New gym gear can enhance your performance and prevent injuries. We can’t forget the power of a new pair of running shoes to help us complete our daily treadmill circuit. These new running shoes can also prevent blisters, shin splints and foot and ankle injuries. So those new running shoes weren’t an unnecessary purchase after all.

pink Lululemon leggings worn by a woman
Lululemon – In Movement 7/8 Tight

So, it seems there are actual reasons that fancy sports bras and scrunch bum leggings have become so popular at our local gyms. Stop feeling guilty for buying those new sneakers and go and put on those animal print leggings because they’re well worth our hard-earnt cash and they’ll help us to get fit and feel fabulous in no time. 

If you’re struggling with what to splurge on, or you want to know more about ethical activewear, Bondi Beauty has an array of tips to make that shopping trip easier.

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