The Most Effective Exercise You Can Do Without a Trainer, Or a Gym



When I started my online program 28 by Sam Wood, I honestly wasn’t sure if I would have the same success with my online members as I do with my face to face clients.

How very wrong I was. You don’t need a gym or an expensive studio membership to achieve incredible results. Here are some of my favourite workouts and exercises you can do anywhere, any time.

Interval Running:

Running isn’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea but it truly can be done anywhere. I love to go for a run when I’m travelling as it’s a great way to explore a new place. Take it a step further by running intervals. Not only do you get better bang for your buck (less time required and more calories burnt) your body will continue burning calories after your workout has finished.

Body-weight burners:

The best thing about body weight exercises is the options are endless and you don’t need any equipment. You can do body weight exercises in your kitchen, in a park or even in a hotel room (there really are no excuses not to work out!). To get the most out of your body weight moves, pick ones that use multiple muscle groups. My favourite calorie burning body weight exercises include:

  • Burpees; these are a huge calorie burner, as they work your legs, chest, core and really get that heart rate going.
  • Jump Squats; These engage your lower body, especially those quads. Enjoy the heart rate spike and the leg burn.
  • Split Lunge Jumps; lunges work your lower body, but also help improve your balance and coordination. Jumping to alternate each leg seriously gets your heart pumping.
  • Mountain Climbing; this targets your obliques, glutes and hamstrings, and the fast-paced motion delivers a solid work out. This is definitely an exercise I love to hate.
  • Push-ups; A simple (but, not easy) form of exercise, and effective to build your upper body and core, with plenty of variations for an added challenge.


Know where a set of stairs are nearby? Great, you’re sorted then. Running stairs is a great cardio workout that pushes your heart rate to the max and works multiple leg muscles at once. Mix it up by running one step a time, then two and even three (safety permitting!).
Jog down to allow your heart rate to drop slightly before going again.

Mat-based workout:

You don’t always need to be dripping with sweat and gasping for air for it to be a great workout. A lower-impact workout that works your whole body is a great option. Doing a pilates-style mat-based workout with compound movements that rely on multiple muscle groups can be incredibly effective as this helps you to work more than one area at once. Adding in isolation exercises is great for toning up target areas and feeling that deep burn.

The workouts above are some that I have included in my online program. They have since become favourites amongst my 28ers because you can do them just about anywhere. So, now that I’ve given you four great options- you truly have no excuse not to get active!

Now a successful Wellness Coach in Melbourne, Sam Wood ha an extensive background in health, fitness and lifestyle. Read more about him here.

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Sam Wood


Sam Wood; known for his debut in The Bachelor Australia in 2015, is a successful Entrepreneur and a well known Health & Fitness Trainer, who has recently launched an online fitness program called 28 by Sam Wood. This program is designed to help people become a better version of themselves, through the use of a healthy eating plan and enough exercise.

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