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How Much and How Often Do We REALLY Need To Work Out?

With over 17 years of experience in the fitness industry I can safely say I’ve heard it all when it comes to training. Whether its spending sixty minutes on the bike, two hours in the gym or only ten minutes of HIIT to see results, there are plenty of conflicting ‘facts’ out there from so-called […]

The Most Effective Exercise You Can Do Without a Trainer, Or a Gym

When I started my online program 28 by Sam Wood, I honestly wasn’t sure if I would have the same success with my online members as I do with my face to face clients. How very wrong I was. You don’t need a gym or an expensive studio membership to achieve incredible results. Here are […]

Who Said Sweet Treats Have to Be Bad For You?

There are plenty of ways to beat sugar cravings, with a healthy sweet treat. We all know sugar is bad for us, and thanks to ingredients like rice syrup, agave nectar and stevia, which make the perfect replacement for your regular sugar. You can now enjoy a sweet treat, without the guilt. Sam Wood, founder […]

Clean Eating: Sam Wood Shares Some of His Favourite Clean Recipes

If you’re looking for easy to make, clean eating recipes this summer, you will love these two beautiful dinner dishes. Sam Wood, Founder of 28 by Sam Wood; an online fitness and health program, shares two of his fave summer dishes. Co-designed by his brother Alex. These two recipes will have you in and out […]