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Why Doing Yoga in a room filled with salt is 10 Times Better For You

Do yoga in a room filled with Himalayan salt? Yes, please. Himalayan salt boasts a world of health benefits. This ranges from aiding in vascular health, supporting healthy lung and respiratory function, reducing the signs of ageing, promoting healthy sleep, increasing hydration and strengthening the immune system. It can even lower blood pressure. So when […]

UK Study: Yoga Makes You Smarter

New study shows yoga and meditation have a positive effect  on the brain and may assist in preventing the symptoms of early onset dementia (and make you smarter). Yoga and meditation is fast becoming an effective way in helping to combat the mental decline that often precedes Alzheimer’s. Previously, studies had shown crosswords had also […]

How to Deal with Life’s Hurdles Better

Pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice if you can manage to control your mind. In today’s world, life challenges and therefore pain are a reality for all of us. Sometimes the challenges are small and sometimes they are monumental, but how we deal with them can affect how much we suffer, and working […]

Cat yoga? Yes, purr-lease.

Cats have become the new yogi superstars at this Sydney cat yoga café. A small inner-city café is being inundated with yogis looking for the ultimate way to chill out and let go. From die hard yogis to curious beginners, Sydneysiders can’t get enough of the meditative, calming effects the cats in the café have […]

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