Why You Need a Facial Cleansing Brush



The Bondi Beauty Team have road tested three new facial cleansing brushes.

Facial cleansing brushes are a must-have.

Meet the facial cleansing brush. A battery operated, handheld device, designed to give your skin the ultimate deep cleanse.

Over the last couple of years, there has been an influx of facial cleansing brushes being developed by many beauty companies.

These facial cleansing brushes promise to help unclog pores and exfoliate dead skin cells on your face, better than your average cleanser or even a washcloth.

The tools often consist of a round brush, which either rotates or pulsates with vibrating bristles, helping to lightly scrub your skin to promote a breakout-free, bright complexion.

To help you decide which brush is best for you, the Bondi Beauty team trialled a few and came up with these top 3:

Silk’n Pure Deep Cleansing Facial Brush $99

Unlike other facial cleansing brushes, this product has been specifically designed to use daily, without causing harm to any fresh skin cells.

It is great for problem skin and if you wear makeup every day. Sixty seconds is all it takes for this brush to help cleanse any dirt from the pores, leaving your skin soft, smooth and glowing. It has three different functions, from slow circles, to slow pulsating and then a faster pulse.

Pura Sonic Viva Exfoliating Brush $70

Available in a few different colours, including rose, black or white, this cleansing brush is waterproof, which makes it easy to use in the shower when cleansing.

It has two different speeds to help you get the desired deep cleanse you need for your skin, and has been proven to visibly reduce the appearance of pores in the skin.

Your skin will feel cleaner, smoother and more invigorated after only a few days. This cleansing brush has also been designed for daily use.

Proactiv Deep Cleansing Brush with Silicone Head $55

Even though this brush has been designed for acne-prone skin, this deep cleansing brush works wonders on large pores that block easily and leave your skin looking dull and lifeless.

This brush has been developed by some of the world’s leading dermatologists, with skin health in mind. Don’t use more than once a daily though, as the brush on this device is a little stronger than that of most OTHER cleansing brushes.

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