Less Is More Is The Concept Of This SIMPLE New Skincare Range



Australian Skin Therapist Wendy Reiner chats to Bondi Beauty about her new skincare range Balense.

With a background in the paramedical industry, and over 9 years experience in skin therapy, Australian made Balense Skincare has been designed around the idea that less is better and un-necessary harsh ingredients are not needed to help you maintain healthy looking skin.

“You really don’t need a lot of products or more than 5 steps to help manage your skin. A simple and focused 4 step-approach, with a few key products is all you need to help you maintain a healthy balance of skin health,” Wendy says.

After watching her mother continuously undergo treatment for cancer spots on the skin, and having suffered from acne herself when she was younger, Wendy took a strong interest in skincare and how to look after the skin from a young age.

Now 42, Wendy has created her own skincare brand Balense.

Balense Skin Care is about taking care of all your skin’s needs, without the complexity of having too many routines and products associated with skin management.

“I’ve specifically designed the range to target specific skincare concerns like acne, dry skin, premature ageing and pigmentation. The products contain cutting-edge new skincare ingredients and potent antioxidants, which are delivered by time release technology, to help provide fast and visible results to the skin.”

Balense Skincare has been clinically proven to reduce blackheads by 32% and reduce blemishes by 32%

This time-release technology is Hydrolic Acid. And it has many proven results in anti-ageing. Hydrolic Acid helps your skin  activate its own natural hydration process, rather than your skin relying on the product for added hydration.

Recent studies on Hydrolic Acid by the US National Institute of Health, and published in The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, showed that it helps the skin clean out pores naturally and more efficiently.

This is because it is an oil soluble base, rather than a water based soluble base.

“Oil based skin treatments have proven to be more effective in maintaining skin health these past few years, because you are fighting oil with oil, rather trying to mix water with oil.” She says.

Wendy says finding the right equilibrium of skincare management and treatment is key to obtaining clearer and healthier skin, and that extreme beauty techniques such as charcoal peel-off masks or chemical acid peels are not necessary, and these skincare techniques are causing more harm than good to the skin, because they are damaging the skin causing it to work harder to fix whatever issues were already there, and new ones now created.

“Instead of damaging or shocking the skin into doing something, we need to be looking at the long-term effects of helping the skin treat itself.”

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