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Recover from real life with these Healthy Holidays

A holiday doesn’t have to mean putting on weight or getting unfit. Health and Fitness Travel have put together a list of the emerging trends that will help get us back-on-track in 2016. Fitness DNA Taking personalised fitness training to a whole new level, the emerging science of DNA fitness testing reveals an insight into […]

Stop work stress now. Here’s how:

Work stress is an ongoing issue for just about everyone but meditation can help. Jo Kirkpatrick from Paradigm Switch is a meditation, yoga and pilates teacher who specialises in lowering stress levels. Here she guest writes for Bondi Beauty. Q: What is happening when we get stressed out at work? “If you have a particularly […]

The Bondi Woman’s Recipe for Holistic Happiness

Being balanced and present is the current mantra for holistic happiness, and Business Chicks’ 9 to Thrive expo opens the pathway to it this month. The modern woman will rarely admit to having too many things on her plate. Indeed, she will often agree to take on more when an opportunity to do so presents itself. In […]

Is Colouring-In the new Black?

Is Colour Therapy the new anti-anxiety “drug”? Anyone who has visited health retreats Chiva Som in Thailand, Queensland’s The Golden Door or Sydney’s Billabong Retreat has been introduced to colour therapy. It’s a fancy term for making like a 5 year old, and simply picking up some crayons or coloured pencils and colouring in pretty […]

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