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Is Colouring-In the new Black?

Is Colour Therapy the new anti-anxiety “drug”? Anyone who has visited health retreats Chiva Som in Thailand, Queensland’s The Golden Door or Sydney’s Billabong Retreat has been introduced to colour therapy. It’s a fancy term for making like a 5 year old, and simply picking up some crayons or coloured pencils and colouring in pretty […]

May is the month to become more mindful.

A national campaign is encouraging  not only mindfulness and meditation, but an awareness of how lucky we are to be living in the western world.     Around the world one in nine people live without clean water, something Australians take for granted, and  nearly four million people die every year from contaminated water, sanitation, […]

Sydney’s Conscious Club – we’re hooked.

Long before Gwyneth waxed eloquent about being consciously uncoupled, the Conscious Club in Sydney was taking hold. Two Bondi Beauties went along to see what all the fuss is about: Conscious Club? It will blow your mind! ­­­­­What is your passion? What inspires you? Are you living your dream? Conscious Club asks the tough questions and […]

The art of meditating on a candle

If you like candles, you’ll love candle gazing, the art of meditating whilst looking at a candle. For the many people who struggle with meditation, using a candle could be the way to focus and find a way forwards to appreciating and valuing the art of meditating. British fragrance creator Jonathon Ward was in Sydney […]

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