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Former Aussie Olympian Swimmer Giaan Rooney, says she has the solution to dry skin.

We caught up with Australian Olympian Swimmer Giaan Rooney, and mum, who is the ambassador for E45, to find out how it relieved her suffering from excess dry skin conditions.

How did you manage your dry skin conditions whilst being an Olympic swimmer, especially in chlorinated water?

“I always thought my dry skin was directly attributed to the five-plus hours a day I would spend submerged in chlorine. But, after twelve years of ‘retirement’ from the pool I now know I simply have really dry skin.

As a swimmer, I learned to live with dry skin, thinking it was just ‘part of the job’. I tried to minimise the destruction and reduce the impact on my skin by showering immediately after getting out of the pool, which helps to get rid of the chlorine.

Spending hours on end in the pool, I also tried every moisturising product under the sun to help nourish and restore my skin but struggled to find something that worked for me.

I love using E45 Shower Cream, followed by the Moisturising Lotion – they’re both dermatologically tested, perfume free and are great for daily use. I also use sunscreen whenever I’m swimming outdoors to minimise sun damage, which often increases skin dryness.”

What about internally, did you manage your dry skin nutritionally on the inside as well as topically for the outside?

“When I was swimming, I didn’t know or understand that I could help my skin’s condition through nutrition or supplementation.

But, I’m sure my nutrient-rich and nutritionally diverse diet did help without my knowing. I was so terrified of taking supplements during my time as an athlete because of the performance-enhancing drug issues in elite sport – that I never took anything other than Vitamin C and Iron.”

For anyone who is a regular swimmer & has to deal with dry skin conditions, how would you recommend they manage their skin?

“Shower immediately after exiting the pool. But, don’t have a long, hot shower as the heat can exacerbate dry skin conditions – which is easier said than done in winter.

I also use emollient-rich skincare products. Use sun protection if swimming outdoors as sunscreen can have moisturising properties. But make sure you remove it from your skin properly once you are out of the sun.

To get healthy looking and glowing skin, nutrition is key. If you have any vitamin or nutrition concerns you could always get a blood test, which will assist in determining the main areas of concern, such as low iron, magnesium or vitamin B and D levels. All of which could be contributing to the health condition of your skin.”

British own and founded skincare brand E45 has now launched in Australia and promises to help combat a variety of skin issues, such as dry skin conditions, to help nourish and heal for good.


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