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Meditation and how it can reduce stress, relieve anxiety and even make you happy.

Meditation can reduce stress, anxiety, and help you feel happy. All you have to do is give it a go.   A 2011 study by the University of Sydney revealed that on average, people who had practiced meditation for more than 2 years had 10% better mental health and had a better sense of happiness […]

Back From The Brink

Summer can be a tough time to get back out there and kick-start your fitness, but we tell you how. We know you’ve heard of all of these, but here are the pros and cons why they’ll work for you right now; 1) Weights: Don’t be afraid. Many trainers swear weights tone the body faster […]

Surfing gives you a full body workout, and is a great way to enjoy the ocean.

Surfing  gives your body a workout without you even knowing. Grab a board and get going. Surfing works the core, arms, builds upper body strength, promotes stamina and encourages balance. Apart from being a lot of fun, surfing burns approximately 396 calories an hour, and you barely notice. Cameron Diaz revealed in an interview with […]

Our take on the latest Coffee findings – good or bad? You decide.

Every week there seems to be a new verdict on coffee’s negatives and positives. Bondi Beauty investigates. A latte, cappuccino, long black or what ‘wakes you up’ in the morning may be how you best know your coffee, but is it good or bad for you? How does it impact your health? Bondi Beauty takes […]

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